What if… we were more grateful?

Rebeca Medina

We constantly need to remind ourselves to be grateful about life and its odds, it is unavoidable to make it sound hackneyed and tedious, but it is possible and we can do it by simply asking ourselves, …what if… You will always hear complaints about each situation, event, problematic, and in general about any change that takes place in our lives. However, the thing is that we have the power to avoid that, to take a different path and use our knowledge and the “what if …” in a better way, in the way that makes us feel grateful instead of miserable. 

What if this pandemic never started? 

For example, let’s think globally, the pandemic caused by covid-19, hit us all in a different way, mostly negative, but in different ways, besides the spending more time at home, in some cases with our family, the tele/homeworking, online classes, etc., we had to spend more time alone than usual, which either gave us a “mental disease” or helped us rediscover our purpose in life. I’m sure that either way we learnt new things about ourselves, what we dislike, what we need, why do we feel in certain way, etc. 

What if this pandemic has a purpose? 

I used to think life was random, because I felt like people didn’t always deserve what they received, and I was right, life can either be fair or make no sense. Although, what I’ve learned in the past few months, is that random things, that we could never imagine would happen to us, actually have a purpose in our lives. This pandemic was quite unexpected, but after all, we all made at least a tiny personal progress in our lives, we just had to take a 1-year break from “real life” to focus and reorganize our lives, or at least, that’s the way I see it, and another reason for me to be grateful for. 

What if we deserved random things, like the pandemic?  

Well, everyone has their opinion about this. But we can do nothing with opinions, so personally, I choose to be grateful, that in comparison to opinions and complaints, was much more useful. It made me conscious about small things that now I realize were the purpose of the pandemic in my life. One of these, is the fact I was able to identify true friendships. Because me and my classmates didn’t directly see each other daily, it was easier for me to notice who kept communicating with me, and cared about me, even when the pandemic was an “obstacle”. 

When life gives you problems, determine whether you have a purpose or not. We decide how to take the challenges, obstacles, random things and in general situations that take place in our lives. This pandemic may have made us dirty, because we definitely lost a lot, but there are always two paths, the one with the complaints, regrets and negativity, that will never get us somewhere, and, my personal favorite, the gratefulness. So, how about being grateful today? Give it a try.