COVID and the impact on children

Alanis Nuñez

The coronavirus outbreak has been widely reported in the world’s news and the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared it a pandemic,  

This means that the disease is spreading in several countries around the world, affecting hundreds of thousands of people on all continents at the same time, causing a death toll that, to date, continues to rise. While health authorities are working to curb its spread, we are finding side effects that the pandemic is causing, the study of both children and young people around the world. 

In Ecuador, a recent study indicates that children are not only affected academically but also in terms of mental and emotional health, as all children must be kept at home to be sure not to become infected. Recently, the national EOC approved that most schools, both private and public, return to classes, taking into account the security measures of each institution to avoid possible COVID cases in the future. It is estimated that approximately 20% of children in the world have lost a family member, including parents, who are the main ones responsible for the children. The simple fact of losing a family member can be a trauma for children and even

more so when they are young. 

Some of the ISM North students in MYP 1 share many of their experiences about this stage of their lives. Most of these students point out both positive and negative aspects, which means that in a way the pandemic is a factor that allows even the youngest children to be aware and reflect on what is happening in the world, also that it is important to value

the family since no one knows what life is preparing for us in the future. On the other hand, something that they point out with greater importance is that something that they missed a lot about the speciality is the interaction with their classmates and that they can see their teachers giving classes 

on the blackboard.  

Teachers state that fact learning virtually, is something that can be done, but the learning outcomes of students will not be as effective, also this modality does not apply to all levels of education, because this modality could only be carried out with students of higher levels, such as PAI to Diploma. However due to the recent return presential learning, we can say that both students, as well as teachers, enjoy the art of learning and teaching, thus developing a healthier environment without the need to be behind the computer screen for more than 2 hours.  

Having said this, we can say that the pandemic was something that in a way helped all people to change their way of thinking about the reality that humanity is going through and to raise awareness about the importance of the use of masks and alcohol at any time, on the other hand also to value the things we have, such as the simple fact of studying and having our parents who allow us to do so without anything in return. Finally, that the pandemic is something that affected the world, revolutionizing the way people live as a second chance.  

The pandemic and a new stage.