Climate Change – Why should I care?

Helena Patiño

Everything is connected in this life, our actions change our path and have outcomes whether good or bad that we must face individually.  What if there comes a time when our actions as a species no longer just affects us but the entirety of the planet and its future? This is what is happening at this moment with climate change, it is no longer a theory or simple concern that can be fixed in the future but the biggest challenge that we are facing and something must be done, the consequences that it is having and will have in the future are too big to ignore. 

Sea levels are rising one-eighth of an inch per year, glaciers are melting at double the speed of the past 2 decades, animal populations have decreased by 60% in the past 50 years, temperatures are rising 1.2% each year and weather patterns are changing. These are the effects that we are facing at the moment but if we continue to ignore the problem the consequences only get worse. What can we do as students and as people who live on this earth to help this cause?

There are many things that one could do when it comes to being more aware, helping the cause and making a positive change. One of them is to become more aware of what you are buying and consuming, always researching from what sources you are buying from and the products that you are buying. Research is important because many organizations take advantage of those buying from Green-companies since they are selling well internationally and are using it as an advantage and are Greenwashing their customers. Greenwashing is when an organization makes itself look more sustainable than it is, for example in the US there are over 40 million businesses that claim to be green but it is hard to differentiate the ones helping the planet from the ones simply benefiting economically. Though there are ways that customers can identify which organizations are greenwashing, one big sign is ‘fluffy language’ which means saying things but very generalized and vaguely without mentioning details and having no proof, where they make claims but don’t show any evidence to prove it.

More things that anyone could do would be to start re-using objects instead of throwing them away, only buying what you need so that waste can be reduced and always try to choose nature-friendly products when you have the chance.

One easy way to remember this is using the three r’s, Reduce the amount of waste you produce by only buying what you need, Reuse things or create something new with them instead of throwing them out and Recycle materials so that they can be processed and turned into new products. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle are a part of the waste hierarchy, which means that using this principle and many others helps to manage and reduce waste generated. When these three rules are put into place in our daily lives this helps stop the pollution problem which helps put a stop to climate change, which is why it is so important to teach this to the new generations and implement it in our daily lifestyles.  

There are millions more ways that we can help the cause, one of the easiest if not the easiest is to sign petitions online. There are many organizations and groups of people who create petitions to help the cause and make a change all you would have to do is sign in and click sign this petition, it won’t even take 2 minutes to sign the petition and share it with friends and family. Technology has advanced so much that all you need is an account to share information or posts on social media, and to then send them to others, the simplest thing I can think of which is a huge help in the cause is putting information on your Instagram story, it takes 2 seconds and spreads awareness to those around you.  

There are so many different ways that someone can help and bring awareness to the cause but these are the basic simplest activities that anyone can do from home without having to spend money or much time. And as mentioned before everything has a connection, by helping the planet right now you are securing your future and the future of the many future generations to come. The world is in dire need of help and we as people who live on this planet, it is our job to help and protect it so that it can heal and grow. 

Be that person, make the change.